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A.I. offers a wide range of loan products
A.I. Simplicity
By leveraging on A.I. and big data, income of applicants could be projected. Complete an application in only 2 steps1 and no extra documents6 are needed. Apply now and get the cash in as quick as 14 minutes4 !
Banks and traditional financial institutions
Most banks require many different document proofs, and applicants may have to submit the documents in person. Besides, online applications could be followed up by approvers from many different departments, which could result in a processing time of nearly 1-month from application to disbursement.
A.I. Verification
The highest safety standards are adopted by WeLend A.I., and clients can have his/her selfie taken instantly. HKID is verified and cross checked with our A.I. engine to gatekeep your privacy, so that you do not need to visit physical branches.
Banks and traditional financial institutions
Applicants may be required to visit a physical branch office to submit documents for verification. However, the operation hours might overlap with the applicant’s the working hours so the application may not be completed in 1 step.
A.I. Quotation
Loan applications are processed by A.I. based on the financial situation of the applicants and more than 4 million sets of data2, A.I. provides quotation without manual factors, avoiding subjective quotations.
Banks and traditional financial institutions
Most quotations and approvals are done manually, resulting in varying approving standards from different approvers. This creates potential differences in loan amount and pricing for a customer.
A.I. Transparency
A.I. Chatbot can track your loan application anywhere, anytime. It can solve enquiries instantly and the whole process is highly transparent.
Banks and traditional financial institutions
If applicants need to call the branch to enquire about the progress of their application, applicants have no way of knowing the application progress during non-working hours.
A.I. Rate
Purely online with no branches, WeLend has lower operation cost and higher efficiency, allowing applicants to receive more favourable quotations.
Banks and traditional financial institutions
Operation cost for having physical branches, including rent and salary etc. are often transferred to the customer, leading to a higher loan interest rate.

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1. The customer must fulfil specific credit requirements to be eligible. Actual situation may vary depending on each individual case.
2. All data is collected from customers in accordance with WELEND LIMITED's Privacy Policy and Personal Information Collection Statement.
3. Only refers to the time needed to calculate quotations after receipt of the applicant's TU Report. Applicants must fulfil specific requirements to be eligible, actual time may vary depending on each individual case.
4. The loan will be transferred via Faster Payment System (FPS) after the loan is approved and the loan agreement is signed. Actual transfer time is subject to each individual bank's transfer service hours.
5. Terms and conditions are applied to the promotion.
6. WELEND LIMITED reserves the right to request further supporting documents for loan approval purposes in certain circumstances.
In the event of any inconsistencies between the English and Chinese version of the Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.
Loan Calculator
Loan Amont
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Monthly Repayment
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1. Loan amount should fall within $5,000 and $1,500,000.
2. Monthly repayment is calculated using an effective rate of 1.99% - 25.00% and is for reference only.
Important notice
WeLend will not request any personal information from customers through third parties and WeLend does not have any other official website. If you suspect you received fraudulent call or messages, or are directed to a fake WeLend website, please do not disclose any information, and contact us immediately via WhatsApp 3706 9120 to verify the sender and the message. You may also report it to the police.